About Us

About our Medical Center

The Neighborhood Star Medical Center has been in operation for two years now. It is a branch of our other facility several doors down, The Neighborhood Doctor. 

Our doctors, PA's, and nurse are well-trained, experienced, and seasoned professional.

We have a laboratory on location that can analyze within a short time, many of the tests that we need to perform.

Our examination rooms are clean, aesthetically appealing, and high tech.

Providing you with the best doctors and nurses for the best care.
Dr. Alicia Wilkerson

Our head physician is Dr. Alicia Wilkerson. "Dr Alicia" is  a Renaissance woman, a physician and an accomplished musician. Dr. Alicia began her medical career as board certified family physician and also owns The Neighborhood Doctor Clinic.

Michael Henderson, PA


Toni Weber


Kaylynn Henegar